How to start a lifestyle blog 2018

How To Start a Lifestyle Blog – The No Nonsense Beginner’s Guide 2018

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I’m so excited that you wanna start your own blog and be your own boss. Kudos to you! If you are like me, maybe you’re confused. I know it may look overwhelming but it’s really not! Starting a blog in 2018 is quite easy and you don’t need to be a technical person either.

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There are a lot of guides and manuals out there which contain LOTS of information to take in. So, I decided to do this tutorial for the layman to help you get started with your dream blog.

How to start a lifestyle blog 2018
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If you’re on the fence about whether to start a blog or not, you should definitely because the sooner you begin, the less you’re wasting your precious time.

Why do you even need a blog?

Everyone has a different reason to start a blog. For some, it may be financial independence, a creative outlet or just a passion. Blogging can be one of the smartest ways to make money at home. Even if you’re in freelancing, designing or direct selling, having your own website can do things for you. You come out as an established person where you’re more accessible to your potential clients.

  • Work from home
  • Financial Independence
  • Freedom from 9 to 5 job
  • Creative outlet
  • To gain reach, sales or clients

Update you guys: I made $80 from my blog in the first month itself which is double the money I invested! 

Click here to head to Bluehost and follow the step by step instructions to start your own lifestyle blog.

In this post, I walk you through:

1. Choosing a reliable platform such as WordPress!

2. Going for a good hosting like Bluehost.

3. Setting up your blog with step by step instructions.

4. Some FAQ that is most commonly asked.

Start a lifestyle blog in 15 minutes 2018

Else, you go through these steps and have any difficulty, feel free to hit me up with questions, I’ll love to help you out!

There is an option of starting a free hosted blog but here is exactly why the pros don’t and you shouldn’t too:

Why can’t I just go for the free site?

You won’t want to go for the free website because:

  • There are restrictions on putting advertisements AND monetizing it
  • You don’t get many features such as plugins & complete customization
  • Almost no customer service and full on manual work
  • Long, unprofessional and ugly URL aka link
  • Your free blog can be closed anytime without any prior notice.

It is always recommended to start self hosted!

Are you a newbie?

Considering you’re a non-techie, you should be knowing few basic terms regarding blogging:-

1. Niche – It’s just what you decide to write about. It can be any topic and category. You can discuss what you have a keen interest in.

I do recommend to start a lifestyle blog as you can cover multiple subtopics easily.

So pick up a niche and you’re good to move to next step. Here is a post where I discuss the 10 Best Profitable Niches To Blog About.

Examples  –

Home Decor In Budget, Organization Tips For Small House, etc

Or a little broad – Home Organization, Home Decor, Home Cleaning

Or you can go for an even broader niche – Home and then categorize it accordingly.

It is probably a broad category. But I don’t feel niching deep is that relevant. There are lots of sites that are in broad categories and nailing it. On plus side, you don’t get bored of same repetitive monotonous topics.

Having a mom or a lifestyle blog allows you to write and share almost anything!

2. Domain – What is a domain?  A domain is just the name of your website. It is what you decide to call your blog.

Decide upon a good blog name as you cannot change it later on without a bit of trouble. But it’s better not to change later.

I always recommend going with dot com (.com) extension. So your domain goes something like

Few tips for selecting a kickass name –

• Should be easy to remember for your audience. It should click to them.

• You can go by your own name. It’s your personal wish.

• Don’t go for misspelt words. It becomes difficult to remember.

• Chose about 2 to 3 words only. It looks clean, professional and yeah, easy to remember.

3. Hosting – It is just a little space where your site lives online. And you’ll be paying rent for it.

There are many options to choose from. But as a customer, I will suggest you go with Bluehost.

Why Bluehost?

Good question! This is exactly what I pondered while starting. (Almost) every other blogger was suggesting Bluehost.

But I did some research and found that Godaddy appears to be a cheaper option. Hence, I opted for Godaddy for a work-related website.

Back to the present, I am going to list multiple reasons here why you should choose Bluehost as your hosting partner and why I did too.

• I recommend Bluehost as I personally use it. Yes, after that site crashed down every now and then (with Godaddy), I made the wise decision to be with Bluehost.

What made the matter worse was that Godaddy doesn’t have any mail or chat support system. Also, then you discover that their toll-free numbers ain’t ‘free’ at all. Not to forget, endless call holding and transfers. FRUSTRATING.

I knew I had to switch, so this time I went the obvious route. Chanting Voices is powered by Bluehost. So, I am suggesting what I personally use and love this far.

I was browsing Quora and stumbled upon some similar encounter. Another user also had an unpleasant experience with Godaddy and made the obvious switch. Here is a screen grab of the same –



• Bluehost has an amazing customer service which is 24 * 7 active and helpful. They also have a mail chat system where you can chat and solve your problem if you have any.

• Bluehost is a very great option for beginner bloggers as it is quite cheap and affordable. You have to pay only about $3.95 per month which is a good bargain.

• Bluehost is suggested by a lot of bloggers such as Michelle of Making Sense of Cents and other successful bloggers who are making a whopping five digit income.

• You get a free domain, otherwise which will cost you around $12-15 or more depending on your domain name popularity.

• You get one-click WordPress installation which is hassle-free and quite easy to do.

• They have a refundable policy and if you wanna go back, there you go!

• Bluehost currently hosts more than 2 million websites around the web. It’s trusted and being used by heck lot of people.

Get started now by clicking on the button below! And follow the step by step guide to create your own lifestyle blog.

start a lifestyle blog


Now I’m going, to begin with how to start your own WordPress blog tutorial. This is going to be a step-by-step guide which will help you set up your own WordPress blog in less than 15 minutes or so.

Make sure to open Bluehost in a new tab by clicking here for your ease.

Start a Profitable Blog

1. Head to chantingvoices/bluehost and you’ll get a welcome page, something like the image below. You will want to click on the green box to get started.

start a blog

2. Next, you gotta select a plan. You should go the first one, the leftmost side. You don’t need others, for now.

start a lifestyle blog

3. Your screen will be something like one below. Choose the left box that says ‘new domain’ and fill in your desired domain (website’s name). Click ‘next’.

4. This is the information page. Here you need to fill in your details. Make sure to fill correctly. Start with the ‘account section’ and add your personal details and then fill in the package section.

Start a profitable blog

5. Coming back to the tutorial, now there are other services, but you don’t need them at the start. So proceed to last section, payment information.

Fill in your card details and submit your details. Don’t forget to accept their terms and conditions.


Next is some additional services boxes. Again you don’t need these now, so just hit ‘complete’.

6. Voila! You’re all done with hosting and domain. Just set a password to get it done. So, now you have your domain and hosting ready. All you need is WordPress which is just 1 click installation, literally.

Select a good password and that’s it!

WordPress Installation

1. Login to Bluehost account with your email and password (the one you set at step 8) in hosting tab.


2. You arrive at your dashboard where you’ll find “Install WordPress” button. Click on that and you’ll come across WordPress installation window.


3. Just click on “Install” button. You’ll want to click on the advanced option and fill in your site name, username (used to login to WordPress account) and password. Check both the boxes (agreement to T&C and automatic database creation) and hit Install.


4. That’s it. Your WordPress is finally installed. You’ll be getting an email containing all the confidential infirmation such as your website name, URL (the link to access your site), username, password and Admin URL.


5. Click ‘Admin URL’ and you’ll come across login tab. Enter your username and password to access your WordPress dashboard.


Congratulations! You’re done with all the steps and have your own website. Easy!

Next you can go on to get a theme. I’ll suggest you to go for a free theme while starting out and not to overspend on your blog at the very beginning.

You can get started by creating ‘About Page’, writing your ‘first post’ and getting familiar to your WordPress dashboard.




Hope starting your own blog is easier for you now. If you have any questions, don’t be shy and just ask away! I was at your place just a while back and I know it can really be OVERWHELMING. So whatever it’s, feel free to ask me in comments or contact me here.

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