First Blog Income Report – How I Made $80 in First Month

Hello! I’m very excited for today’s post because it’s my first income report. I’ve seen loads of income reports flying around but never knew, I’ll be privileged enough to share one of my own. And that too within first 30 days? Heck yes. I actually earned $80 in my first month and while that’s not a big figure, it is actually pretty awesome for me!


You can join the free 5 days ecourse here, if you are keen on starting a blog:

To actually know how awesomesauce this income is and EXACTLY WHY, keep on reading.

Please note this post may contain affiliate links, read the full disclosure here.

First blog income report

Why Blog Your Income Report?

Income reports are a source of inspiration to many, like me. I have read tons of them and I feel, it is nice to know what is working for others and what’s not. Also, you’ll get around loads of people telling you how blogging isn’t a thing for real and monetizing it takes few years if you’re lucky. BS.

Blogging isn’t that difficult ONLY if you have an approach and a schemed plan. It’s ACTUALLY possible to roll in cash and get people to visit your site. Ain’t talking about your mum or boyfriend here!

I’m sharing this for newbs who are afraid of getting started. I was in your shoes but took the plunge … And I’m GLAD I did it!

If you haven’t started yet, check out this NO NONSENSE GUIDE on How To Start a Blog.

Blogging Tools I Recommend To Use: There are few blogging tools which helped me achieve monetary goals. I couldn’t have done without them, so here it is:

Bluehost: Bluehost is the hosting provider which hosts your blog. I personally use it for all of my blogs and it costs around $3-4 per month. Alongside, you get the domain worth $12-15 free for the first year. I absolutely love them. You can get started with them here.

How To Start a Blog – The No-Nonsense Beginner’s Guide

Shareasale: It’s one of the best affiliate programs out there. You can find loads of merchants there and directly apply to their program. It will save you time and you get all the analytics at one place.

They pay upto $150 per signup. Must join for sure! You can join here.

Tailwind: Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling app. This comes in a lot handy to drive traffic to your blog. It is no secret that lots of blog drive traffic from the visual search engine, Pinterest. And mind you, I’m talking about 6 figure traffic here, ranging from 100k to even Million! I know sounds like every blogger’s dream.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

You can join Tailwind for free and if you sign up here, you get $15 credit once you upgrade to the paid version (which you’ll if you love traffic and value your time!) This advertising network is awesome because:

  1. There is no minimum traffic requirement.
  2. Can be used alongside Adsense.
  3. Makes you good money,

If you sign up using my link here, you will earn an additional 10% revenue for first three months. This is a must join as I’ve earned more than $3000 in 2017 from itself.

Mailerlite: Email marketing tool which is awesome for beginners as they are free up to1000 subscribers! You can upgrade once you reach 1k subscribers, which I would be more than willing to do, as soon as I reach! If you sign up here, you get $20 credit once you upgrade, cool!

You need to create interesting Pins in order to drive traffic from Pinterest. I suggest the following 2 tools, which I personally love.

Canva: Canva is a graphic design website where you can design your blog’s graphic with overlaying texts, edits and popping images. You can use it to create featured images, pins, banners, logo…basically everything! They have a free as well as a paid version. Join the free trial here.

PicMonkey: Similar to Canva in function, but choices are always better. You can use it to create beautiful images and they also offer interesting templates for the same. If you’re serious about monetizing your blog and having a professional look, PicMonkey is a must try. Get on the free trial, Join here.

The best photo editing features for free.

Amazon: Amazon is amazing! With every other product available on Amazon, all you gotta do is add your referral link and recommend your favourites to your readers. Amazon offers commission ranging from 4-10% which is really awesome and adds up to a couple of bucks.

AdSense: Ad network by your truly, Google. Perfect for the beginner as well as intermediate bloggers. Adsense is CPC ad network where you are paid when readers click on the ads. Great way to monetize your blog. You can join it here. It’s a CPM ad network where you’re paid when you install ads on your blog. I’m loving it as of now. You can join them here.

Expenses: Let’s talk some money, shall we? Blogging isn’t free as you all probably know, yeah self-hosted.

All it took me was few bucks per month for hosting. I got my domain absolutely free (yay!) with Bluehost.

So I paid, nearly $70 for the first year with Bluehost and I’ve made it all back in my first month only with little profit too!

my first income report

Income: Most of my money is from Ads & Affiliate. Since I’ve not reached the threshold, I’ve not got the same.

Ad network: & AdSense

Affiliate: Amazon, Bluehost & Shareasale

I don’t need to be on each and every social media. Current focus: Pinterest & Facebook

Future Plans:

• Share content what people are looking for. Mostly trying to hit pain points with helpful solutions.

• Increase my traffic and subscribers. I’m deciding on a good freebie for signup. I’ve few options, nothing final though.

• Improve blog’s appearance and design, make it more professional.

That’s all about from my blogging insight as a beginner. Blogging can be overwhelming, only if you make it so.

So don’t be shy and ask away anything related blogging. I’ll be happy to support a dream!