Top 5 profitable programs to join to mak money

5 Best Profitable Affiliate Programs to Join RN Even If You’re a New Blogger

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A large part of my blog income comes from affiliate marketing. I mention this somewhere in my FREE start a blog recourse and man, I get loads of inquiries about the same.

Top 5 profitable programs to join to mak money

I do try to revert to most of them but here is a plan – Write it all into a post and redirect them here. This will be equal to more page views along with reaching out to more people with the same question outside the course. Bingo.

Before proceeding, make sure you have a blog for yourself to make money from affiliate marketing. It is just $3.95 per month + free $12-15 domain. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to start a lifestyle blog for beginners.

 A quick precap of what’s inside this article:

• What’s affiliate marketing?

• How to join affiliate programs?

• Benefits of Affiliate marketing

• Top 5 must join list

• My personal favourites

Since this is a beginner guide, I’ve tried to keep it detailed. If you think you know the basic, feel free to jump to your favourite section! With that being said, let’s get started.

Top 5 profitable programs to join
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What’s affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a good source of income, particularly passive income. You recommend the product you use and love (just like you do in real life, word of mouth). So, if it interests the reader and they end up buying the stuff, you get a fraction of the price aka commission.

Benefits of affiliate marketing: First thing first, it’s passive income!! Whenever someone purchases something, you end up getting a share. No matter if you’re walking your dog or just chilling and Netflix! You do get a recurring commission.

Another good part is you needn’t create anything or invest your time in the recommended product/service. But you still get to keep a chunk of the driven sale.

How to join?

Okay. Sounds good and I’m interested. But how to go about it?

Well, becoming an affiliate is easy! Below I’ve mentioned top 5 affiliate programs. Most of them are managed via ShareaSale. So all you gotta do is sign up for ShareASale here.

How to make sure that you get accepted?

Getting accepted is easy, just make sure your blog has a decent amount of posts, contains pages like Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, etc. Also, your blog should be free of adult content. If you take care of the basic stuff, you’re more than good to go.

• Shareasale: It’s one of the best affiliate programs out there. You can find loads of merchants there and directly apply to their program. It will save you time and you get all the analytics at one place. They pay up to $150 per signup. Must join for sure! You can join here.

shareasale join now

• Tailwind: Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling app. This comes in a lot handy to drive traffic to your blog. It is no secret that lots of blog drive traffic from the visual search engine, Pinterest. And mind you, I’m talking about 6 figure traffic here, ranging from 100k to even Million! I know sounds like every blogger’s dream.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

• PicMonkey: You need to create interesting Pins in order to drive traffic from Pinterest. You can use it to create beautiful images and they also offer interesting templates for the same. If you’re serious about monetizing your blog and having a professional look, PicMonkey is a must try. Get on the free trial, Join here.

The best photo editing features for free.

• Mailerlite: Email marketing tool which is awesome for beginners as they are free up to1000 subscribers! You can upgrade once you reach 1k subscribers, which I would be more than willing to do, as soon as I reach! If you sign up here, you get $20 credit once you upgrade, cool!

• Bluehost: Bluehost is definitely one of the best hosting service providers out there. I personally use them and can’t recommend them more. With having offers starting at $3.95 per month to providing free domain worth $12-15, they are a must sign up affiliate program. Not only this, but they also pay their affiliates up to $120 per sign up!

They actually make a major chunk of my income! Nothing better than recommending a product you absolutely use and love.

I do get feedbacks asking that Bluehost doesn’t bill monthly and well I agree. But I recommend seeing this as an investment. This advertising network is awesome because:

  1. There is no minimum traffic requirement.
  2. Can be used alongside Adsense.
  3. Makes you good money,

If you sign up using my link here, you will earn an additional 10% revenue for first three months. This is a must join as I’ve earned more than $3000 from itself.

Some tips:

• Instead of signing up for 50 programs, it’s always better to concentrate on a few.

• Test what your audience is interested in and sign up accordingly.

• If a program isn’t working for you, don’t fret and try other!

• Share articles, tutorials and other helpful post weaved around the product you’re promoting.

• Don’t be sale-sy.

• Last, but not the least, recommend what you actually love using.

I recommend Bluehost and I also use it. They contribute a good portion of my affiliate income. I have done a tutorial on How to start a lifestyle blog regarding the same.

So that’s all for now. Don’t forget to sign up right away and start earning from Day 1. Feel free to ask away in the comments or reach out to me via contact or email!