Beauty Hacks For Embarrassing Problems

11 Amazing DIY Hacks For Your Embarrassing Beauty Problems

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Let’s face it. You and I, we all have few of these problematic areas in our body which we aren’t much found of. You can have back acne or maybe it is blackhead. Maybe you have dark circle or big pores. Whatever it is, Pinterest tends to offer lots of solutions and hacks to your problems. So I thought why not to club together all the popular beauty hacks to your common skin problems.

Beauty Hacks For Embarrassing Problems

This way it can be easy for you to checkout all the viral skincare pins at a place. I’m trying to cover the basic and common skin woes. If you think I missed out on something essential, let me know. Also, please do a patch test before proceeding!

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  1. Thanks!

  2. Don’t do this mask for your face. It will burn your skin, will be toooo reeeed. One of my mistakes I did for my face😭

    1. omg..So sorry you had to go through this. 🙁 Please do a patch test before as I mentioned before.

      1. Wanted to know will this burn if my son apply it to his face?☺Just curious mom. He is a teen also.

        1. Do a patch test beforehand. Sensitive skin can’t bear many ingredients. My sister has the same and it caused her irritation & redness. But it works well for me.

  3. The anti aging serum recipe didn’t show on here

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