Annual Blog Income Report – How Much Did I Make?

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​Hey! I thought I will do a post sharing how much I earned from my blog, which you are currently reading, in the first year aka 2017. So I had a few of you reach out to me after I published my first income report. In case you missed it, you can find it here. I made $80 within the first 30 days and nope, I am not kidding or hyping. I’m just updating that post and I am attaching a screenshot as proof so that you guys can have a reality check. So maybe you will see that after I’ve updated it.

Blog Income Report
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*Post may contain affiliate link. If you use any link, you may get discounts or bonus at no additional charges to you.

To be on the same page, I am just clarifying a few of these points –

1. No, this is not my first blog. I have had a fair share of failed blogs.  I have had blogs which never made money, even not enough to recover the money invested in them, apart from my time. So yeah there it that.

As much as I wish after going through other’s income report to earn 10k by my sixth month or so, it’s not a happening dream.

2. In my first income report I didn’t break it down clearly as to how much I made from which source. Because I am not comfortable sharing my detailed income report. I really hope to get over my awkwardness  and share better.

It’s not about how more or less I’m making. It’s weird to me that all people will know exactly how much I’m making, which is uncomfortable for me. It’s like them “seeing you through your clothes”kinda feeling. I know it sounds crazy, but bear with me!

3. After seeing all enquiries I got and the popularity of the post, I thought I will be doing this post where I will be sharing how much I made in the 2017. So here it is, Ta Da!

If you’re wanting to start a blog but don’t know how to go through, make sure to Join my FREE Blogging course here. It’s free, nothing to lose right? All I want from ypu is to fill out the feedback form if you take up the course.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in.

INCOME: I made money from different sources. I’m trying to experiment with varying my sources and not putting all the eggs in the same basket! Different months have different impact on the various sources.

For example, ads are slow in first quarter but quite profitable in last due to holiday season. So, it is good to plan and proceed accordingly and that’s what I try to do.

1. Advertisement – It is my favorite source of income. I make some decent bucks off it. Also I’m most of the time testing and setting up ads to get better results.

I made around $4000 from ads. In the screenshot, it’s til October only as I’m too lazy to take a new screenshot. So just adding the old one here as this post was supposed to go up in January and it’s already March. Will update soon, hopefully!

Media net – As mentioned before, I use Media net. They are amazing to work with.

Blog Income Report screenshot

Adsense – Adsense and media net both go amazingly well together. As you can see in the screenshot below, I got approved late for the Adsense. But I am loving it so far. They are click based network by Google. I earn only if someone clicks on the ads.

Income report screenshot

2. Affiliate Marketing – This has to be my second favorite out of the lot! It’s super easy. All you gotta do is recommend you top picks to others on your blog.
Tip: If what you’re recommending is your favorite or your top choice, it’s likely to click to others as well. If a particular product or service is helpful to you, and as a consumer I want same, I’ll go after your recommendations.

Hence, it’s quite necessary to suggest what you truly believe in and be openly honest about it. It’ll convert better!

Amazon – By far, one of the best selling online website is Amazon. I don’t think there’s anyone online who hasn’t shopped there yet!

It’s so easy to add a link of your favorite item and there you go! I like the fact how almost all the stuff is available on Amazon.

What I don’t like is the commission percentage which varies from 4-10% depending on the number of sales and 24 hour cookie window, which I feel is way too less!

Shareasale – Another good affiliate program for you to join, probably better than Amazon is Shareasale. They offer a whopping $150 referral for a merchant. You can join here.

shareasale join now

They have loads of program for you to join and you can also list them according to cookie window and commission. It becomes easy to choose as you’ve everything at one place. Not to forget, live analytics!

They key here is to find those programs that’ll click to your readers. For this, you gotta do loads of trial and error. But it is gonna be worth it once you have that gold nugget, believe me.

Bluehost – The hosting service I use and recommend is Bluehost. I’ve already renewed their service for second year as well. So I suggest what I actually use and love. And Bluehost has been a good source of income for me.

Siteground – I do have other blogs as well. And one of them is hosted on Siteground. I’m satisfied with them. I recommend them as a second alternative to Bluehost to those users who want something other than Bluehost!

Web Hosting

Tailwind – Increase ypur traffic on auto-pilot? Enters Tailwind, a Pinterest scheduling app to help you increase your traffic while you sit and Netflix! Mind you, I’m talking about 6 figure traffic here, ranging from 100k to even Million! I know sounds like every blogger’s dream.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Mailerlite – Heard this before? Money is in the list? Yes, it’s. I don’t sell products but I am still making money off it! Mailerlite is an Email marketing tool which is awesome for beginners as they are free up to 1000 subscribers!

You can upgrade once you reach 1k subscribers, which I would be more than willing to do, as soon as I reach! If you sign up here, you get $20 credit once you upgrade, cool! Sign up here.

Though I’m planning to switch to Convert Kit, will keep you updated!

Picmonkey – You need to create interesting Pins in order to drive traffic from Pinterest. You can use it to create beautiful images and they also offer interesting templates for the same. If you’re serious about monetizing your blog and having a professional look, PicMonkey is a must try. Get on the free trial, Join here.

The best photo editing features for free.

Media. Net – I’m an affiliate for them since I use and love them!

If you sign up using my link here, you will earn an additional 10% revenue for first three months.

I’ve made made around $3000 from affiliate marketing. Major chunk comes from hosting, mostly Bluehost. Least came via Amazon, around $220 for the whole of 2017.

3. Services – I also offer services for bloggers and website owners. You can checkout my services here. It’s such a great way to get amazing clients, basically they walk up to you!!

I have made $25 from this since I’ve introduced this recently only. I really wanna scale this up though.

EXPENSE: Blogging isn’t free! But it is worth it. I had the following expenses –

Hosting (Bluehost) &  Other services (PicMonkey, etc)

Goals: I want to work on increasing the traffic, so that I can apply to Ad networks which have high threshold.

I also want to improve my ongoing free blogging course which is for beginners. There is a feedback form alongside it, so I’ve been getting loads of feedbacks. Time to switch up the game!

I’m planning to introduce another free course. Let’s see how it goes.

Blog Income Report
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That’s all about my annual income report. I plan to do few more posts on affiliate marketing and monetization. Until then, bye! And feel free to mail me any time with your questions.

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