10 Surprising Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

10 Surprising ​Earliest Symptoms of Pregnancy

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Hey, Mommy to be! Today, I am sharing the early symptoms of the pregnancy. These are a few of the main symptoms. Note that the symptoms of pregnancy in every woman are different. All women do not experience all the symptoms that are listed below. Also, the extent to which different symptoms are experienced by different women varies a lot because of physical, hormonal and body chemistry variation of individuals. These symptoms might vary from pregnancy to pregnancy.

10 Surprising Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy

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#1 Constipation – This might sound weird because constipation is as it is a very common problem. However, right after you conceive there is a surge of the hormone called Progesterone in your body that leads to constipation. Not being able to clear your bowels might lead to secondary effects like feeling of fullness and bloating. If you notice constipation, this will come to your rescue.

#2 Nausea and Vomiting – This is one classic sign that is quite common among earliest symptoms of pregnancy. These symptoms too arise because of increased Progesterone in your symptom. Pregnancy associated Nausea is often called “morning sickness”. This is a misnomer because you can experience this nauseated feeling throughout the day.

Symptoms of pregnancy

#3 Increased frequency of urination – If you are trying to conceive and suddenly experience an urge to go to loo very often chances are that good news is around. On the flip side, having unprotected intercourse can also lead to Urinary tract infections, which again present with an increased frequency and urge to urinate with or without other symptoms like: burning while urinating, fever etc.

#4 Sore Breasts – Just like all other symptoms, this is another common yet confusing symptom of pregnancy. This might be confused with breast tenderness that precedes your period. Breasts experience of the earliest changes when a woman conceives because they are vital for the nourishment of the newborn. Tenderness is due to hormonal changes and increased blood flow to this area. You may even note that your nipples grow darker.

# 5 Missed Periods – Every one of us knows this, is not it? A missed period is a very good sign for women who are trying to get pregnant. Of course, you will be able to judge better if your cycles are otherwise regular. Women who have irregular cycles due to problems like PCOS might not be able to guess about their pregnancy based on a missed period.

#6 Implantation bleeding – Implantation bleeding occurs when the embryo implants itself in the lining of uterus. This happens usually, 10 to 14 days after fertilization. This can be noted around the time you are expecting your period to arrive but it is very light and usually goes away in a day. Also, the blood discharged would be Brownish in color.

#7 Abdominal cramping – This occurs due to implantation of the embryo in uterus and stretching of the Uterus to accommodate your fetus that is all set to grow at a rapid rate.

early symptoms of pregnancy

#8 Fatigue – The rapidly growing fetus depends on your nutritional reserves and intake for its growth and  organogenesis. As a result, you may feel tired and drained. That is why it is very important to  consume a healthy diet and take ample rest when you are trying to get pregnant.

#9 Swelling – Your body tends to retain more fluids in pregnancy to nourish your baby. Therefore, you might  experience swelling due to water retention in your feet, toes, wrists, fingers etc.

#10 A positive home pregnancy test – This test should be performed at home at least 4 to 5 days after missing a period. After conceiving, there is rise of a hormone called HCG in your blood as well as urine. The concentration of this hormone is greatest in the first urine of morning. Therefore, it is suggested that you use the first urine in morning for testing pregnancy at home.

earliest Symptoms of pregnancy

So, ladies if you are trying to have a baby you must watch out for these symptoms. I would also give you a tip here! Your body takes its own sweet time to conceive a baby. Therefore, if you do not get pregnant for a first couple of months after trying for it, do not panic. It is a good idea to visit a qualified Gynae. Who will guide you about the most fertile days and might give you certain nutritional supplements and hormonal aids to speed up your journey to get pregnant!

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